Why theWORDbox?

Launched on March 1, 2021, theWORDbox is an idea turned reality in hopes of creating a virtual community writing space for writers of all levels. 4x per year (Every 3 months) a limited amount of exclusive boxes will be curated by a writer. The writer will share his/her writing process, facilitate a 1 hour virtual writing workshop, interact with writers in a private facebook group and select/create exclusive writing gifts for the box.

Our mission is to create a virtual space where writers of all levels and ages can create connections and possible collaborations. A space where resources are shared and writing is celebrated. Inclusivity is our favorite!

What’s included in the box again?

* A one hour live virtual generative writing group workshop and pop up workshops as we go along.

* Curated writing gifts. Some examples may include (key chain, tote, pencil case, bookmarks, cup) just to give you some ideas. * Items listed for informational purposes only.

* An Invitation to our private Facebook writing group for daily inspiration and one on one connections. (for the life of the project) You do not have to purchase another box.

*An invitation to theWORDbox Google Classroom for more in-depth activities and shared resources. (for the life of the project)

Our Next cycle begins in September featuring artist Tamara G. Saliva!

Free First Class Shipping included within the United States.

No refunds- Orders are made to order. Once made there is no refund. Please email us if you need any assistance.

Please note- This is not a subscription. To enter the community you would purchase 1 box. After 3 months, you will still remain part of the community. If you would like to purchase another box to support that would be awesome! but not necessary.

Please note- For the month of August no orders will be accepted. Any orders placed in August will be sent out in September. if you would not like to wait, Please return and place an order in September. Writing break!

If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email at


Please Note: Orders Placed in August will be sent out in September. Writing Break! Free Priority USPS shipping is included.


Thank you for your support! Welcome to theWORDbox Tribe!

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